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Have a Direct Selling Party Plan Business You Can be Proud of!

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Having your own party plan business gives you the opportunity to structure a business how you want it to be. You can choose the customer service values and culture, the quality and presentation of the marketing of the party plan direct selling business that matters to you.

One of the things I’ve found most liberating since leaving the corporate world and starting my own party plan opportunity, my own direct selling business is that I set the standards and qualities of the business. So no more nasty and wasteful politics or backstabbing. Instead I focus on positivity and generosity, I reward my customers and hostesses and build loyalty through constructive methods.

You can have a direct selling party plan business you can be proud of by figuring out what you do like and what you don’t like. On a sheet of paper draw two columns with the headings of Good Qualities and Bad Qualities (or Good Enough, Not Good Enough; Positive, Negative – you get the idea) and write down experiences and behaviours from your own perspective as an employee and a customer.

From this list you can clearly see what have been positive experiences and what’s been negative experiences. What ones do you want associated with your business for your team and customers? I’d bet it is all the positive and none of the negative.

This empowers you to either start how you want to travel or to change what’s happening now that isn’t good enough for your business and what is probably causing harm and financial loss. This is especially important for a direct sales home party plan business because your profit is gained by going into the private homes of customers and getting referrals. SO it is ALL about the customer and their positive experience.

A customer can’t have a positive experience if their party plan consultant is unhappy because her party plan company has a negative culture and she’s unhappy. Nor can the customer easily refer her friends and family to a party plan consultant who thinks the party is all about her and forgets it is all about the customers.

So if you look after the culture and values of your home based party plan business then you can much more easily create a direct selling business you can be proud of both financially and with its reputation.

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