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Help Bring Belinda Emmett's dream real

Hey there,

The passing of Belinda Emmett has touched us all, the loss of a vibrant, strong and talented much loved young woman to breast cancer just stops you.

There is nothing we can do to help the family and friends stop hurting but we can make a difference for other women going through their own battles.

Belinda Emmett and Jane McGrath have found friendship, support, strength and joy over the last few years. So when it came for Belinda’s family making a choice about what to do with the community’s need to show care and respect they recognised Belinda’s wish for there to be more Breast care nurses.

Breast care nurses provide support and care for those going through breast cancer treatment. These dedicated nurses answer questions, offer support and care as well as knowing what’s involved in both treatment and resources. These nurses make a big difference and money raised through donations made to the McGrath Foundation will put (it already has) more breast care nurses in more hospitals.

So empower yourself and other women and men in the fight against breast cancer and donate to the McGrath Foundation today. Keep making a difference too with your choice of Christmas cards this year – get the Hallmark Christmas cards with pink ribbons on the box and back of the card so more money is raised for breast cancer research so we can stop this disease in its tracks.

How to make it happen, how to donate:

Bank: National Australia Bank

Account Name: McGrath Foundation Ltd BSB: 082 067 Account number: 589271582

Online: McGrath Foundation

Post: PO Box 993, Manly NSW 2095

Hallmark Christmas Cards with Pink Ribbons – available at all good newsagencies and stores and are affordable (approx $10 per 10 card box).

See Our Pink Ribbon Area for Useful Info and Fundraising Earrings Click here

Click here to visit our breast cancer care area online.

Kind regards


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