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Helping out Queensland Friends and Family

It’s new year’s eve and it’s dawned a beautiful morning down here on the south coast of NSW. While I’m hoping this beautiful weather is a positive harbinger for 2011 I’m sure our friends up in flood ravaged Queensland are hoping for prosperity once the waters have receded and the clean up is finished. But there’s a lot of work and heart ache ahead for so many people.

Australia made such an impressive effort for those swept up in the Victorian bushfires with their donations that I’m sure we’ll see the same happen for the victims of the Queensland floods. The Red Cross is co-ordinating community, government and business donations again so click here if you want to donate and help out.

QLD Premier Anna Bligh said on the 7.30 Report last night that the Red Cross knows the people on the ground, where the money needs to go within the community and fills the gap after what government agencies can do.

Just as the Victorian bushfires went on for many days so will the flood waters devastating towns, homes and properties. It will be weeks before the waters are back to normal and much longer before many houses are livable again and many businesses are providing vital income to their family operators.

While the insurance agencies might be slow in paying up it will the Red Cross who steps for the families trying to figure out what next to do.

So get involved, help out and donate to help make 2011 the best it can be for our Queensland friends and family.

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