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Here’s The Quick Way To Take Control Of Your Time

What’s daunting you at the moment? Is it something at work, making changes at home, exploring a new opportunity, bringing positive change into being?

I always seem to have something about that is daunting me. At the moment it is figuring out a work plan that includes launching new designs, creating e-books and quizzes for the site, getting organised with themed blog entries, reading e-Myth Strategy book and “The 8th Habit” by Stephen Covey as well as getting sorted for a busy time down the coast with festivals and finding time to do some social things (for a change) and there’s another dozen things I could rattle out but you don’t need me to.

Now writing that I’m thinking it sounds like I want to do too much – that it is too busy. But is it really?

What would be the impact of me actually taking some time to do some planning and prioritising?

I’ve just finished a big Bridal Expo that went really well but I’ve a bundle of follow-up work to complete now. These expos are great for the business but I have to be realistic about the time needed for preparation and follow-up. Why spend all that money on the expo if you’re not going to follow through and build the business from it?

I think this constant need to balance priorities and make things happen is true for all of us. My delightful neighbours upstairs and next door have both had new babies arrive as well as having bright mobile toddlers. These two families are in the midst of change and balance isn’t really part of their reality at the moment.

So there are different times in our lives where there are different priorities. For me now it is about building the business and bringing more balance into my personal life.

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