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How a Jewellery Designer is Inspired to Create a New Range

I always love going to Tasmania but this trip was extra special because I had one of those amazing light bulb moments with a new jewellery range taking firm shape in my mind.

My dreams were invaded and I had to stop and write ideas down quite a few times.

It requires new skills in a whole heap of different areas and I think it has been gestating for months now, a direct result of being involved in The Rocks Pop Up and doing something different – something that takes me out of my comfort zone and routines.

It took the trip to the Tasmanian Craft Fair and having some time off exploring national parks, heritage gardens and hours of country driving for it to formulate into a solid design idea.

I had thought it would need to be explored properly next year as I’d need to learn how to work with porcelain but my friend, Deb Taylor, is the potter in residence at UNSW and offered to have me come in and play.

So within a week of getting home I’ve been able to get my hands dirty with clay, learn new skills and get my first sample batch started. I’m thrilled! It’s so much fun learning new skills and working with a medium that feels so good.

Another delightful part of the experience is getting to learn from my friend, to see Deb in her element. Deb will be explaining glazes and kilns to me and I’m soaking it up, all quiet and listening intently. Deb will look over at me with a tad of concern because she’s use to me being very talkative and there I am, quiet as a mouse, actively listening! It’s lovely spending more time with Deb. You can see her work at Little White Dish and The Porcelain Urn Company.

Belinda Stinson working on her new jewellery designs at the pottery studio at UNSW

I completely enjoyed getting all messy working on my new jewellery designs.New Creatively Belle jewellery designs coming into being at the pottery studio at UNSW

It doesn’t look like it here, but this is the start of my new porcelain jewellery range – first step is a lesson so working on some sample designs.

7 Tips for Creative Inspiration

Want so help with your own creative inspiration? Check out these tips for creating inspiration for new designs:

Inspirational Tip 1

Take time out from your normal routine and do and see different things. For me, a good country drive is always refreshing for my inner creative eye. So the drive from Sydney to Melbourne certainly gives enough time and space with different views.

The car was packed with CDs and I sang for hours; just loved it. A good sing can be just as good as a great big belly laugh – preferably you get the chance to do both!

Inspirational Tip 2

Rest up – get some good quality sleep – it doesn’t have to be a lot of sleep, it’s all about quality sleep and let your inner spirit settle.

I find sitting on the hill top lookout at Gundagi to be a great way to let my thoughts settle, quite the inner chatter and take in the beautiful rolling views.

I also enjoy how the local magpies come up to check out who’s this new creature that’s come into their space. They’re quite comical in their inspection and it seems like they go back to the group and report their findings.

Inspirational Tip 3

Eat well, a delicious country pub meal and an early night can be really satisfying. It’s all about looking after the body as well as the spirit.

One of my intentions for the trip was to eat good meals – especially in Tasmania given all those food programs showing how easy it is to find delicious menus at affordable prices.

I was delighted to find that this worked constantly for me – every dinner I had on this trip was ideal and full of flavours. I walked into town every night for dinner in Deloraine so I could also explore a range of Tasmanian wines. As I was working so much it was only one glass with dinner but it did give me the chance to try different wines each time.

Inspirational Tip 4

Spend time with other creative women and men, talk about designing, each other’s work, laughing over silly things, learning about each other’s lives and simply being with other like minded people.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and spending time with others who make their living from their craft and art. We all came from different places around the country, all had different life experiences and all have a passion for creating. We’re also all self starting, so completely motivated to make the most of the craft fair.

Being open and warm with other stall holders makes for a really enjoyable show too – especially as so many of us doing these big fairs by ourselves and it’s much easier when you look after each other.

Inspirational Tip 5

Take time to explore what other’s are doing with their creative talents.

I only had a short time to visit another venue at the Craft Fair ( they had 16 venues this year!) but it was wonderful getting to see what others make and design.

I not only got a collection of Christmas presents, but also got some treats for myself, including tea, honey and sheep skin slippers – the comforts of working from home include working in slippers and having tea with honey!

Inspirational Tip 6

Remember to stop and breathe.

My venue was just by the Meander River so I only needed to walk out of my building to wonder down to the river to sit and think. It’s about being in the moment.

So I could centre myself in the moment I would take 10 deep breaths and still myself.

I did this through out the craft show as well as on the other days I was away – in Entally House gardens, Mole Creek gardens, Narawntapu National Park – basically anywhere I found beautiful and wanted to simply stop in.

Inspirational Tip 7

Listen to others. Every person has something interesting to share and we can learn from everyone.

This is something I particularly enjoy with my customers – getting to learn about them and their story.

I’m a fairly outgoing person – you have to be to sell your creative designs at market as a living – so talking with people is quite easy for me and this is particularly true for when I’m travelling.

The restaurant maitre de sat me close to another woman eating alone so it didn’t take us too long to start talking and join tables. It was a great evening and I loved our conversation exploring a host of different topics, experiences and ideas. Caroline is an creative teacher in Launceston and had come to the Craft Fair for a couple of days. I’m hoping that it’s the start of a friendship that I can renew each time I visit that beautiful isle.

Living It

I think the secret for creativity is simply living it. This means being open to ideas, views, light, people, smells – to life all around you.

Let your mind roll round exploring ideas, seeing how things work and where things could be tricky. Give things a go.

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