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How Artists Can Bring More Peace Into the World

I’m a firm believer that we each have the power to create in this world what we want to see in it.

If you want heart ache and harm then you do the hideous things that make that happen. If you want peace and love then you share such beauty with others and create more of it.

This is all done through actions, thoughts, work and words. It’s how we treat ourselves and others, what we say, write and do, what we make and create; in short, how we live.

Now none of us can always be 100% good nor bad but we can choose to be more of one than the other.

How artists can create peace to make peace in this world

Create Peace in Our World

Create Peace to Make Peace

As an artisan I know that what I create and share with the world is purely my choice. Yes, it is influenced by what my customers will actually trade money with me for but what I make is my choice.

I decided that I wanted a core design of mine to celebrate peace, bring more peace into the world through discussions, symbolism and action.

Beautiful Southern Ice Porcelain Peace Bird Necklace on a long chain

Peace Birds by Belinda

So I designed my peace bird range and they are favourites of mine to make. I love it that my peace birds are now a part of families, friendships and stories across the world on every continent. This gives me deep satisfaction and I must admit, they are my way of saying “bugger the bastards” as well as doing this through beauty and quality.

How Artisans Make Bring About Peace

I believe every artisan and artist can create designs that share the message of peace and love; work that brings harmony and light into the world. It simply comes down to a choice.

Each of us has the ability to bring such works into our daily lives so have these tangible reminders of the beauty of peace, whether that’s through artwork we hang on the walls or around our necks, the bowls and cups we sup from, the fabrics we dress in or sleep in, we can bring into our every day lives something creative that evolves beauty and peace.

Creative Bloggers Celebrating Peace

Being active in sharing peace in our communities is also through our written words, what we read and write.

Why bother sharing negative, hateful messages that just bring our hearts low when there are such wonderful blogs about creative endeavours, stories celebrating love and kindness, examples of others growing through old limitations into fuller lives?

Such positive and enabling stories make great story ideas for bloggers and delightful inspiration for readers.

Creating Peace is For All of Us

When us creative creatures design work that celebrates and shares peace we are making something to enrich the lives of everyone.

We can each look to our own work for ways to include the timeless message of peace, be inspired to create something that adds to the world and shows everyone that love and harmony are in the hearts of each of us.

Whether you’re a writer, a painter, a potter, a builder, a sewer, a designer, a weaver or knitter, whatever you create you can have a focus on peace and show the world what matters in your heart.

Whether you’re a government employee, a banker or baker, a social worker or carer, a teacher or administrator, a factory worker or tradie, a stall holder or an account executive, you can show your support of the creatives in our communities who are making peace for all of us.

It’s through our daily actions, words and lives that we share the message of peace, harmony and love. Let’s get talking about it and live it more loudly.

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