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How Bloggers Can Bring Creativity into Daily Life

The dream of creating a mega blog that has millions of readers and generates a healthy income to thoroughly replace the paid job is a dream for many and a reality for only a few. But happily the really achievable reality for many bloggers is the opening of interesting doors that blogging can so easily do.

I’ve always believed that it is by doing and exploring that you can make opportunity turn up. It is really hard for a door to open if you’re doing nothing to encourage it. When you put yourself out there and give things a whack the universe smiles on you.

How bloggers can bring creativity into daily life

Creativity Brightens Daily Life

For many bloggers part of the reason they start blogging is to try something different, to change things up and they are fuelled with hope, maybe for something big, but usually for something that enriches life.

A blog lets you get involved with others to share experiences and stories, to gain insights into different ways of living and crafting something special. This is the perfect way to bring more creativity into your daily life.

Getting involved in creative communities, meeting makers and learning about what they do, how they craft their designs and make a living from their creations brings buckets loads of creativity into your life and the lives of your followers.

Attending exhibitions and shows, writing about the works and the artists, sharing passion and enthusiasm for original ideas will change the way you see things.

Being around creative people and sharing their stories, their work, getting involved in their workshops and visiting their studios are all opportunities that having a blog can create. What this leads onto over the years for you and your readers is who a blog can change lives.

Why Blog?

So ask yourself what would you like to achieve with your blog for yourself, your audience and those who you get involved with?

Do you want to have experiences that light you up?

Do you want to grow an audience that is excited to find out what you’re up to next?

Do you want to make a living from the blog?

Do you want to meet interesting people and tell their stories?

Do you want to be part of community that is supportive and vibrant?

Do you want to express yourself and be understood?

If you answer yes to any or all of these questions then it is completely possible with a blog that helps bring creativity into daily life, whatever your blog theme is. Wouldn’t it be great to share creativity with other mums and dads? What about with foodies and travellers? How about with lifestyle seekers or bookworms?

So where do you find these makers, artisans, artists and crafters? Thankfully that answer is fairly easy.

6 Places to Find Creative Creatures

My blogging tips for where you can easily find makers and crafters, artisans and artists are at:

1. Your local artisan market. Get along and check out who are the local makers (versus those with the imported products) and find ones who’s work you connect with. Have a little chat with them and see if they would like to meet up for a coffee during the week.

2. etsy: Check out your favourite list on etsy and email them.

3. Instagram:  While you’re checking out favourites look to instagram and who you’re loving their work.

4. Your local art gallery: regional galleries and arts and craft centres hold not only exhibitions but also classes in everything from painting to ceramics to woodwork and more, all filled with creative people with stories to tell.

5. Fairs and Festivals: these are usually annual events and bring together makers from across the state and even across the country. Think craft, writing, quilting, wellbeing, design, art, ceramics, chocolate and coffee.

6. Blogs: many creative types have blogs themselves, whether they are makers or passionate supporters, it can be fascinating getting to know people who blog and write about creativity and the arts. Plus it increases your own circle of blogging friends, those who share a passion for writing, photos and blogging.

When you’re meeting makers and artisans at markets and fairs the opportunity for a chat is often quite brief as they are there to serve customers as well as make connections. These events are great for you to get an idea about their work and pick up their card with their website and social media details. The long conversation is for after the show. Keep in mind also, they don’t get a break at a show, there’s no lunch breaks for them and pack up is usually a tiring process after being on their feet and talking all day.

Also be aware that at fairs and markets makers can be quite wary of having photos taken of their work because all have had experience either directly or via their close friends of work being ripped off and copied. So many will be unwilling to have loads of happy snaps taken of their original designs. For them it is about respecting originality. Once they are comfortable with your intensions and that you’ll follow through they’ll be much happier with photos being taken.

Once you start sharing these stories you’ll find more interesting people will be introduced to you by your network because you’ve earnt their trust and you’ll be an active part of a creative community.

You might even find some great guest bloggers in the process and you can trade posts, linking to each other and sharing audiences.

5 Blogging Tips for Sharing Creative Posts

While some artists and artisans easily get what’s involved in growing a blog, others won’t have a clue so it will be up to you to share your post. When you make it a win/win/win you’ll reach a big audience who share your creative interests. So to help get this happening consider:

1. Some creative creatures are more introvert than others and may need some nurturing along the way.

2. Many makers will be happier to have photos of their work than of themselves shared. They may be more comfortable with a photo of them not looking directly into the camera but instead at their work.

3. Be generous with your support of their work with follow links to their website and social media pages. It is fine to ask for them to link back to your from their blogs, website and pages too.

4. Make it easy for them to share your blog post about them.

5. Ask them to share your blog story and social media posts as well.

Sometimes a story featuring and linking to a collection of makers and artists will let you feature not only the blog savvy designers but also the introverted artisan as well as the hard to meet ones. Be sure to encourage cross promotion and supportive links.

Big Rewards

Writing and exploring creativity can be one of the most rewarding experiences, especially as it lets you cover so many different areas.

Whatever the theme of your blog you can find creative topics to delve into and bring more creativity into your daily life.

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