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How can I make a living from quilting and fabrics?

Hey there,

If you’re like me you love creativity and design. I love collecting quilting fabrics and my stash only seems to grow, no matter how many quilts I make.

I make my living from a creative jewellery business and love having my days revolve around it and having the freedom to prioritise family and friends.

So if you love your quilting fabrics and want to generate an income from them then consider selling them on eBay in cut out quilt squares sorted into colour themed sets.

It is a good home business and one that can grow as you do with it. You can create a website to support your eBay presence and accept payments online using PayPal.

To learn more about internet marketing so you can build your own home business selling quilting fabrics that you enjoy collecting check out the Internet Marketing Center and their “Insider Secrets”.

Of course there are some great books about selling on eBay – just make sure the published date is current, within a year of now.  🙂

Beauitful Catherine Popesco designs – I just love this wonderful French jewellery! Come get yours online now!


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