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How can I make a new life out of the city?

Hey there,

On a recent holiday in Tasmania I found myself enjoying a delicious meal with a relaxing Freycinet red wine (you must try this little boutique wine!) and wondering how I could make a life for myself in Tassie with a creek with a platypus out the back.

Now whether this eventuates or not I do plan to make my life outside of the big city in the long run just like so many other people do. In a report out this week apparently 28% of us city dwellers like the idea of making the change. So 6 regional centres have banned together to hire a consultant who can communicate to city people the benefits of making the change – work opportunities, education facitilies etc.

I love this idea – well done for making that happen. For me I was thinking of building the internet side of the business so it can travel with me to where ever I move to. I’ll always keep a place in the city but make the family home outside of it.

So where do you start when you want to build a portable online busiess? Here’s three places to start:

1. Micheal Gerber’s “The E-Myth” - really easy to get the book in the shops (just a little book too). I’m about to reread my copy again because it is so good!

2. The Internet Center’s “Insider Secrets” - available online – is about getting your website out there and noticed so it generates income – it has loads of examples and tested ideas – crucial for creating a successful websiteI’ve bought it and found it invaluable.

3. A book about Setting up and running a small business in your country – also available at any local bookshop. For the best one in your country ask the advice of your local small business enterprise centre. For Australia check out any of the BEC’s – Business Enterprise Centres. Government sites are good too: and these types of sites are available in all states and territories so find out what you have available.

Great presents are available online too!



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