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How to be Part of Big Money Raised For Breast Cancer Research

Hey there,

I found out something amazing that has left my head spinning because it is a really big amount of money coming from something really quite small.

Over $10 MILLION (dollars) have been raised for breast cancer research by the Hallmark Christmas and Mother’s Day cards with the Pink Ribbons on them since the initiative started!

That is amazing! $10 Million makes a huge difference to research. That money has been raised by ordinary people buying specially marked cards (they have the NBCF Pink Ribbon on them and on any box they come in). This sort of money saves people’s lives, saves loved ones from broken hearts that never really mend, saves the nation from loss of potential wealth and expensive health care services, it only does good, it is amazing.

And the best thing about it is we can all be part of this magnificent solution. We can all use our spending money to buy goods; cards, pens, water, scarves etc etc, that raise money for research, whether that be for breast cancer or any other health or community issue that needs solutions.

We might think that 10 per cent of a sale isn’t much but the reality is 10 per cent of 100’s of thousands adds up very quickly to make really big differences. So get involved. Spend you Christmas card and presents money on products that actively give to your community. Be part of the difference!

Come visit our Pink Ribbon area on our website.  🙂

Get these beautiful earrings and we give 50 per cent of the sale amount to the National Breast Cancer Foundation because every business needs to actively give to their community and you need to have beauty in your daily life. 🙂



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