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How To Create Your Own Sale Success

To build a successful business there must be some selling involved to get the incoming cash flow. I haven’t come across a business yet that just has money come into it because people think it is a fine thing to give a business their money.

Even charities must sell to get money coming in – whether that is selling products likes pins and pens or sponsorship. They have to sell the idea of fundraising to supporters so they have a network of people raising money for them.

So selling is a key part to creating a successful business (and charity).

But how quickly can you build this success? Well it depends on you really. The more consistent, constructive effort that is put in the better the results.

I’m coming into my busy time of year – from August through to December – so the ground work I put in now will make a direct and significant impact.

So I’m working on the old sales adage of “5 Sales Calls Per Day for 5 Days for 5 Months”.

I’ve read about this method often enough over the years but have been daunted by the concept of cold calls so have seen it as a one dimensional thing that is too hard and have avoided it.

When the reality is different – as it always is.

A Sales Call comes in many different guises. Have a look of what it can be for my business, calling to:

* book into a market

* find out details of a show

* confirm a party booking

* let a shop customer about new designs that are available

* say I’ll be in the area while travelling and available to show new designs

* find out what schools have an upcoming Art and Craft Show

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