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How to flood the bathroom!

Hey there,

Being the immensely organised, multi-tasking woman I am I have the washing machine on, the washing up soaking and being done between checking emails, getting the blog updated, checking online sales and all after going for a lovely long morning walking and washing my hair.

So of course what happens is the washing machine water exit pipe is pointed in the wrong direction and the bathroom floor gets flooded! Well that’s one way to wash the tiles I guess.

 So there I was bolting into the bathroom to grab the pipe and put it where it is meant to go while trying to avoid the pouring water in my slippers. But all is fine. It was only the bathroom tiled floor, it didn’t make it to the carpet (like the first time it happened and I had thought I’d learnt my lesson from that one).

So in tribute to life giving water this entry’s picture has to be one of the wonderful Fresh Aqua Sea Blue necklaces and matching earrings!

This necklace is available online, at market or at jewellery parties.

So to all the women having something daft happen today don’t feel alone, you’re not, we all do something silly at some time and that’s fine. Have a laugh at yourself and enjoy your day!


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