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How to Free Yourself From Procrastination and Get the Job Done

As an ideas person I can easily over-complicate things, I start off with one question and in searching for the answer I let myself come up with a number of options. I start exploring each option, discarding, keeping others.

The thing is, I tend to keep too many, I see the potential and keep going.

I’ve learnt to write down my ideas and fill them out. I start with a flip chart for the initial brain storming and then move onto my ideas note book that captures the plans.

The thing is, I overwhelm myself with all these ideas. It’s the not-so-good side of being a creative thinker and at times, it is really annoying. I paralyse myself with indecision, being pulled in different directions and having to do all the structure and discipline myself.

I have learnt to focus on getting one thing done a week and progressively working through a project to the end but it isn’t easy. It would be lovely if it was easy. What bliss that would be.

It would also be great to have a team of 5 perfect helpers to bring all my ideas to life, and maybe a spare one to work on instant projects, those ideas that just visit me unannounced and suddenly demand attention, that would be fabulous. But it’s just me in my little business and I need to prioritise effectively so there is meaningful progress. Hmmm.

As I write this my cat has just finished having an important bath and is settling down to contemplate  something soothing before another morning sleep, all the while making sure she covers as much of my studio work table as possible. Fortunately I have a stable table on my lap to work on.

Yet my desire not to disturb her means I’m not working on my next batch of ceramic necklaces and brooches for the kiln, I set to looking about for something else I should be doing and refer to the flip chart with the big picture tasks for Creatively Belle.

Talking with other small business owners I understand that this type of procrastination is normal, it’s part of the challenges of working in an unstructured environment. My solution is now to work on some of the more low hanging fruit activities, the easier tasks that always need doing so I have a sense of accomplishment and spark my motivation to move onto the next task. This often leads me to see the big projects as a series of smaller jobs that just need to be worked through bit by bit until it gets to the tipping point when they are much closer to completion that not. Then it’s easy to hit them for six, to get them done and success! I’m pleased with myself. That’s the ticket, just do a bit at a time and work through them.

Phew, that feels better.

Now, all I need to do is to pick something easy to work on and get moving.

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