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How to Get Bold Results When You Want a Richer Life

I’ve been realising this year the power of focusing on what I want and being bold in going after it and it’s giving me faith that it is possible to change my financial situation for the better by doing more of what I love, making art, and I want to share the money.

The secret is in my thinking and doing – nothing really surprising there I guess but it feels like night and day to me. Attitude always makes the world of difference and alongside creative thinking and consistent positive actions worlds can shift.

The difference for me has been writing down what I want to achieve, even if I think it is being bold.

Be Bold for Change - Write down what you think is bold for you

Write down what you think is bold for you

From Overwhelmed to Doable

I find thinking about it and seeing it written down to be somewhat overwhelming so I’ve forced myself to break it down into smaller chunks, into actions that are doable.

From there I’ve moved them into the daily and weekly actions of my Make It Happen journal and worked away at them – some more consistently than others and there are some weeks where focus is challenging. But the thing is, it’s the consistent doing that is bringing the results.

What is Bold After All?

What’s bold for one is no even on the radar for another so it really only matters what is important in your life. A few years ago painting was a really bold idea for me. Now I’m painting every week, I’m selling my art work on my blue and white china and greeting cards in the new stationery range. I’m off to art class every week and I can see the differences in not only my work but my self confidence too.

Another bold move for me is seriously looking at my financial situation. As a typical artisan I undervalue my work. So I’m looking at what other ways I can sell my work and earn a living, this is, in turn, forcing me to be bold with more ideas and goals.

I’m finding being honest with myself, asking questions and writing things down helps a great deal with understanding what it is that I find is bold, what’s daunting me and needing action.

It’s not a fast process, change doesn’t happen simply because you want it to or start to shift your thinking. It takes new habits in deed and thought, in those inner voices that boost and flatten you.

So what’s being bold for you?

Tarkine wilderness Tasmania Wombat watercolour painting gift card by Creatively Belle stationery range

Adorable Wombat

Bold in My Art

I know I could go get work in an office here in Sydney but it’s a life I’ve left because I am so much happier within myself finding a way to earn my living from my art. Now that isn’t easy – neither option is easy, but it is necessary.

It has meant that I need to push myself with my art – with what I imagine and what I create. Like all of us I find this challenging. I’m having to work into the discipline of simply doing what’s needed, rather than sitting around waiting for inspiration to turn up.

My Beloved Bunny character came about because I was playing with my daily art exercise and found myself saying “be bolder with the strokes, make bolder lines”. It took a bit of courage but rather than think on that I focused on staying in the flow and making the marks. I love the result. There’s an innocence and love about her.

Beloved Bunny brooch by Belinda Stinson in blue and white ceramic jewellery Creatively Belle

Based on my much loved soft toy Bunny


From Surviving to Thriving

For years I’ve been making my living from my micro creative business and while I love the purpose it gives my life I’ve struggled with the financial side of things, of having enough money to survive.

Admittedly I’m trying to do this in Sydney with its over-priced housing market that makes rent and mortgages huge for homes and studios and learning about it being in the top three for excessively expensive in this area constantly deflates my spirits.

I need to take the boldness I share with my art into my financial side of things. I need to be braver with my goals and make them bigger, especially if I am to stay in my native Sydney as a renter in this precarious and ever increasing market. I know I’m vulnerable to rental price increases and bad landladies of crappy rundown houses and studios, I’m already living it.

When I hear of the definitions of financial stress when you compare the percentage of house rents to incomes I understand why things are so hard at times with house, studio and market rent – and all go up.

The pressure to be bold with my financial goals and therefore risks mount. Constantly.

So I need to have creative solutions for both my art and my income so I can move away from surviving and into thriving.

Plant a Seed be bold for change series by Creatively Belle stationery range

From little things big things grow

Big Bold Goals

All this focus on being bold has ended up with me merging art and finance. It started with me wanting to get my art onto stationery. I’ve always loved stationery, pinning cards to my bedroom wall, writing letters to pen-pals across the seas and collecting writing sets.

I wanted to take my paintings from my porcelain to my own stationery range. Then I wanted to paint specifically for the greeting cards.

Now I want to see my work across the country. I feel just writing these words that I’m being big and bold, as if I shouldn’t. Well bugger that. Let’s be ambitious and open about it, stuff ups and all.

I love my necklaces and brooches, earrings and bracelets becoming part of other people’s stories, given as gifts of love between friends and family. The TLC taken in picking out a present always touches my heart. Now my heart is singing when my paintings are being bought as cards to frame to hang by a toddler’s bed because he loves it.

A characterful walking penguin watercolour card by Creatively Belle

She’s heading off on another Adventure!

So yes, I want more of that. I love it.

I also love the idea of my work making money for others, of women making their living from their own lovingly curated shops stocking and selling my work to their treasured customers. I think that’s fabulous. Let’s make money move around and work locally for a bundle of women and men.

And from that comes financial security for many. Even financial freedom. From art. From my imagination and my boldness. Now that is inspiring.

Tell Us About What’s Bold for You?

Being brave and bold? Share what you’re up to and what’s working for you.

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