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How to Get the Best From Your Costume Jewelry

Looking after your costume jewelry will mean you get to enjoy it more often for a much longer time. With just a few simple ways you can care for your much loved fashion jewelry so you get to enjoy it for as long as you want.

Protecting Your Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry and water just do not mix. So avoid swimming, showering and bathing in your costume jewelry. If it does get wet make sure you carefully and fully dry it out. So this also means avoiding leaving your fashion jewelry in moist places like the bathroom.

Perfume, hairspray, soap, facial creams, moisturizers and sunblock creams are also to be avoided. Put them on first before your jewelry and then gently clean your costume jewelry when you take it off.

Any really dry or moist environments can do harm to your beloved costume jewelry – just like it does with cultured pearls. So as a general rule look after all your jewelry with treasured cared and respect.

Storing Your Costume Jewelry

As a general rule keep your costume jewelry in a clean, gently lit environment and out of direct sunlight.

Showcasing your favorite beaded necklaces, earrings and other costume jewelry pieces with jewelry display stands is a great way to brighten up your bedroom while getting to enjoy the colorful jewelry theme designs you love so much.

Earring holders, necklace stands and ring stands are great ways to also save your jewelry from getting caught up in nasty tangles they get into in jewelry boxes that can scratch and damage.

Usually vintage costume jewelry is store in individual boxes, wrapped in acid-free paper to protect it. Vintage jewelry needs extra special care, especially as some of the Bakelite and similar components can become brittle with long exposure to sunlight.

Cleaning Your Costume Jewelry

Cleaning costume jewelry is done gently with a cotton bud and with a little bit of distilled water that is fully dried off. Make sure you avoid acids and other stringent cleaners as they can remove colors as well as breaking down any jeweler’s glue so pieces loosen and fall out.

So keep the cleaning simple and gentle and your costume jewelry will last for ages for you.

Enjoying Your Costume Jewelry

The best way to get the most from your costume jewelry is to wear it and enjoy it. Show it off at home with jewelry display cases, earring tree holders and necklace holders so you get to see it even when you are not wearing it out and about.

By taking tender loving care of your favorite jewelry, whether it be costume jewelry or the fancy fine jewelry you will get to enjoy it for many years ahead.

Just as the costume jewelry designer creations of the vintage jewelry styles of last century are fashionable collectibles today your well crafted handmade costume jewelry can become the collectable jewelry of tomorrow with the right care.

The most important thing is to enjoy your jewelry because that is what all jewelry designers want when we are making it for you.

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