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How to Make More Money from Your Trade Show Marketing

Trade shows, expos and conventions all seem to be a great way to make a heap of money quickly, or at least that is how they are sold to us, but in reality the cost of doing an event can be two or three times our expected trade show exhibit booth budget. So to make money you need a plan and to be organized with your marketing materials.

Having a specific trade show marketing plan makes a huge difference. This needs to include inviting existing customers, specific trade show promotional material like postcards and flyers, trade show giveaways, competitions, display products and especially display booth design.

Inviting customers to do an expo is vital. They need to know where about in the expo your display stand is located so a postcard with a map and stand number on it with your website address and contact details can be posted to them. This postcard can also be used at the trade show exhibit to give to potential customers so they can find you again at the show and after the exhibition. (Click READ MORE below)

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When customers know you are going to be at a trade show they can include you in their budgets and spending intentions so it lets you get more orders as well as building on the valued customer relationships.

Being able to reuse your marketing material makes for invitations and for flyers is a smart way to stretch your marketing dollar. If you want to use the same postcards for your entire trade show schedule get inexpensive stamps made up with your stand number on it for specific expos.

Your tradeshow promotional material needs to include items like the postcards as well as other visuals for your products. This can range from mini catalogs through to full sized catalogs, price sheets and carefully designed flyers. You want to be able to give briefly visiting visitors flyers that have pictures of your products and services so they can more easily remember you from the crowd as well as having all your contact details and stand number on it.

The more expensive marketing material is for customers who order at the show. Make sure you have pictures on the material for all the visual customers you have because it is the easiest way for them to remember you from the crowds to let them come back to you either at the expo or afterwards.

At a recent gift trade show I was given a flyer with pictures of the key product ranges, website address, contact details, stand number and a show discount special. The next stand I got 8 pages of black and white price list with very little contact details, no pictures and codes that simply made no sense to me. When I got back to work I knew what had caught my eye with the flyer and could not remember what was interesting about the stand with the costly sheets of paper for the price list. A lot more effort and costs went into producing the price list than the color flyer yet it failed as a marketing tool.

You will need more of the smaller flyers for the majority of visitors and a smaller set of marketing material for the customers placing orders at the show.

So think what results you want from your trade show marketing materials. Often the most effective methods are also the easiest when you are thinking about how your customers think and work.

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