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The Secret of How to Make Your Dreams Come True These Holidays

For most of us this break over Christmas and New Year is a great time to stop, rest and take a step back from the daily hectic pace.

Taking time out is a great way to let yourself recharge for the busy year ahead and if you’re anything like me the ideas start flowing.

Ideas about what you want to have in your life, what’s possible, what’s challenging and what matters and these often crystalise into New Years Resolutions.

Colourful drop earrings by Creatively BelleIt’s one thing to think about all these things, it’s another to actually do anything about them.

Yet you get to see others about you who do make the changes in their careers, renovate their homes, lose 10 kilos, quit smoking, build successful businesses, make the sea change and sometimes it seems there’s some secret to this success that you’re missing out on.

It’s really not a big secret and it isn’t brain surgery; it’s as simple as writing down your ideas, plans, dreams and hopes and getting them out of your head onto paper (or a screen).

Once they are written down you can start to see them in reality. And it’s perfectly fine for them to be overwhelming, audacious and boggling. Dreams often are. They are achieved by breaking them down into little things and getting going with a plan.

But unless you’ve got them out of your head and in some external form such as a note book or onto a laptop they’ll just whirl around your head and nothing will get done.

So this summer holiday take along with you a note book (or a computer if that works for you) and write down your hopes, dreams, ideas and thoughts.

Start planning out what you can do to make things happen – sure it might take a year of building up additional skills and exploring to make your dream become reality but it’s the doers who make the dreams happen.

I had my ideas note book packed days before my holiday. For me this time of the year is a treasure I really look forward to as I love the visioning and planning. It’s a routine I’ve got into over the last 7 years and it’s part of my recharging the spirit routine.

Oh, and the other secret; the note book can be as elegant or as mundane as you like. You can have drawings, clippings, writings, whatever works for you in it!

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