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How to quickly heal a sprained ankle

Hey there,

Well it’s been 72+ hours since I sprained my ankle and I’ve spent most of that time on the lounge with my ankle elevated, strapped firmly with lots of arnica and I’ve stayed off it as much as possible. The rest of the household have been great with doing everything I do and caring for me (a healthy experience for them and a frustrating one for me!).

From all that I read online it was the staying off the ankle for the first 24 – 48 hours that makes all the difference and as  I have to be on my feet with work for most of the next two days I decided it was best to give the ankle as much of a fighting chance as possible to heal.

I’ve been amazed by the stories of others of how they just kept going with their sprained ankles and it took months for it to fully heal. Even after just 3 days resting a moderate ankle sprain I think mine is healing quickly. I think this is due to the resting and the arnica. I guess I’ll really know next week!

So that’s my tip for how to quickly heal a sprained ankle – rest, elevate, use arnica and stay off it for at least 48 hours.

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