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How To Succeed In Slow Times

Many are feeling the effect of a slow down in sales and it’s been really interesting talking with different friends with their own businesses and learning more about them by how they see this changing environment.

Some see it as all bad and are looking at ways to ‘protect’ their businesses (read family income source) and are feeling defensive.

While others are looking at the changes as opportunity with questions of “how am I going to make this successful and grow?”.

What’s interesting is the language and the types of questions people are asking themselves.

Time will only tell which businesses will grow, stagnate or close in the coming year or two but I think the ones with the people with the strong, positive view will out shine the rest.

It comes down to the questions you ask yourself, the answers you give yourself and the actions you choose to take.

A friend of mine who has PhotographArt has launched a new side of her business with doing Baby photos. Here work is beautiful and it is already off to a great start.

Part of the reason for the initial success is Jennifer has a great eye for photographing babies and their parents.

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