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I want Long Necklaces – they are so much more comfortable!

Hey there,

Personally I love making long necklaces because it lets me play more with the beads - I get to put more of them in there! All very simple really.

I also have many customers who love long necklaces for their comfort and beauty and they know I always have something interesting and alluring for them.

I have the long necklaces at market and jewellery parties so now I’ve created their own area online so they are always accessible for you.

So come and play! If there is a particular colour range you are after let me know and I can see if I can make something for you.

Great Long Necklaces with matching earrings available online – click here to see them. Shop securely with PayPal online or over the phone.

We also have great ways to display your jewellery with beautiful earrings stands online too. 🙂


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