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I want you to come back

Hey there,

I was at a cafe last week and the owner came round to see how everything was going. I said how good the tea was and his reply was “I want you to come back so we have great tea and coffe.” I felt wanted and welcomed to return.

The power of saying to your customers “I want you to come back” is enormous. I know I say it to my customers and I’ve wondered if it sounds too bold or pushy but being on the receiving end of such a statement was really good – it let me see how impressive it really is.

So make sure your customers know you want them to return, say to them you want them to come back, have your staff and helpers say it to them and have a lovely big smile on your face.

Remember, repeat customers are more valuable than new customers. You spend more on attracting new customers, new business than you do to recall existing customers/business. So be direct and invite your customers back with constructive and welcoming language.

Happy business building!

Best wishes

Belinda – beautiful jewellery and an excellent newsletter!

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