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Increasing Sales with Sets

Hey there,

When I started making and selling jewellery I made only earrings – that was all my technical skills allowed for and what I was most interested in so that’s what I made.

I was enjoying what I was doing and I listened to my customers and I heard them say they wanted matching necklaces, matching bracelets – “Is there a matching necklace for them?”. So I started designing and making matching pieces.

I found I wasn’t so good at setting aside time to make necklaces but they sold well and I liked how my income improved so a friend started helping me – she made the necklaces and that I designed and sold – life went well.

I’ve learnt people like to wear matching jewelry and to give sets as presents. By having matching pieces my income has improved and I now make sure I have matching pieces at different price points to suit different budgets – what you give your distant 3rd cousin coming to visit is different to what you give your best friend to celebrate her new job.

So if you’re looking to improve sales for your business consider complimenting goods and services that please your customer. Listen to the questions your customers ask to find out what they want and test it out.

All the best!



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