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Inspiration – Where is it?

Hey there,

Sometimes I find having to create a new design just too challenging and I don’t have the inspiration for it. I sit there struggling and I’ve learnt to just go with the flow and leave the creative exercise aside.

Instead I work on the regular designs that need updating and some attention of their own. I use to try to push the inspiration out of me but now I just go with the flow and do what I can do.

Yes, their are times when I need to come up with new designs for particular occassions but instead of trying initially for something out of the box I go for a design that is inspired by an existing design. I find that once I get started things improve and ideas start coming to me.

If I’m fighting with myself then there is no room for other ideas to come and explore.

I know when I’m writing it can sometimes be 99% effort and 1% inspiration and that is fine – it is the idea that matters and it is the skill of the writer/designer to bring it into reality.

So when you’re struggling with inspiration let go lightly and work on something that will allow ideas to come and be explored without tension.

All the best!


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