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Inspiring Women For Every Day of the Year

Last year was a bit of a preparation year and this year feels like it will be one where I take off and really make things happen. So to help it all along I’ve been really thoughtful about what I’m bringing into my life this year and it seems to be having an effect.

I use my diary every day so I’ve chosen a week to a page one that has stories of achieving women over the centuries. There’s one main woman featured per week and every day has a little comment along the lines of in this day in such a such year this woman did this. I figured if reading about other women achieving their thing didn’t inspire me through out the year then I would need to radically change my sense of perspective!

So far it is working perfectly to plan. I’m even looking forward to turning the page each week (I’m not reading ahead so I give myself weekly rewards with these stories of creative and amazing women).

I wished I figured this one out before. It seems lots of people carefully pick their diaries for all sorts of reasons – inspiration especially. What’s your favorite (inspiring) diary you’ve had?
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