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International Internships in Australia

As part of the aim for this year the redesigning of the Creatively Belle website is a key priority and with such a big website the prospect of doing it is a tad daunting.

So today I took a creative step towards the solution of sharing the load of making it happen. I met with a intern placement agency about what’s involved in having an international intern come work within my business.

As there are a range of interns coming in with various skill sets I’ve worked up three different jobs positions to have the intern placement agent try to match.

There’s a website design/graphic design position, marketing and business administration and a journalism role.

While the agency does advertise for certain positions they really don’t have a lot of control over the who will choose to do their internship in Australia and what skill sets they’ll bring with them – hence the scoping out of different roles.

A really fun upside of this process is I’ve got to have time to work on the business and explore what’s involved in getting different projects up and going with different labour options.

The internships are unpaid and range from 1 – 3 months, with some internship placements being as long as 6 – 12 months.

The agency covers off the insurance and workers comp requirements.

My responsibility comes down to mentoring, training and upskilling the intern working with me. The intern gets experience, training and industry honed skills, making them a lot more valuable in a competitive recession work environment.

Most of the interns are coming from the USA so their culture of internships and the highly competitive job market means interns are coming to Australia for work experience and a tad of traveling.

I’m very excited about all of this and really hope it works out. If you are interested in finding out more about the internships just contact me.

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