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International Moment of Laughter Day Today!

I love this! Today is International Moment of Laughter Day!

Today is all about having a good laugh! So you need to get other’s laughing as well as having a good laugh yourself.

So tell jokes, stories and relive funny times, watch movies that crack you up, or comedies that tickle your funny bone.

I love an interview on Parkinson with Robin Williams telling a story about the origins of golf – even just thinking about it gets me laughing. We all have jokes and stories that make us laugh so get sharing them today and this week to get friends, co-workers, family and associates laughing.

Remember that Laughter is the Best Medicine – so donate to a group like the Clown Doctors who work in hospitals to bring a smile to a child’s face to help them through a scary and hard time.

So who’s behind Laughter Day? Humorologist Izzy Gesell created Moment of Laughter Day to encourage people to laugh and it can be for the entire month of April, not just a single day.

Get out there and enjoy a GOOD LAUGH today!

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