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Internet Marketing Success with Article Marketing

Hey there,

Being a writer I thought it well worth giving article marketing a go to see how it works as part of my internet marketing strategy. So I ended up working on a mini internet marketing plan specifically for article marketing.

I’ve come to understand this year that all really effective results come from strategic internet marketing that is made up of daily or weekly consistent efforts. So I’m going to give the article marketing a good 12 months of weekly effort to see what happens. I was delighted with the initial results so am well motivated to keep going.

I did my research and joined the Ezine Article site and have been busily writing and publishing articles. In summary you start seeing good results after publishing 20 articles, key words and headings are really important, the ideal article length is between 450 – 750 words but up to 1,000 is fine. Taking the full advice from the experts about how to write the summaries, your bio and using links is very important and testing the results is, as always, really important.

Belinda Stinson, Basic PLUS Author

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