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Jana – Which End of the Stick

Hey there,

I’m starting to wonder if I’ve had the wrong end of the stick with my thinking of Jana Pittman.

Personally I have no time at all for drama queens – life’s too short and there’s too much to be celebrated and embraced to waste it with self made dramas is my view.

So when I’ve heard of Jana Pittman in the press I’ve only partly tuned in because it all seemed rather immature and drama filled but you can’t help but hear some of it – making a hoo-haa about not carrying the Queen’s Batton, nasty little public fights with team members etc etc.

But after Jana qualitified at the Commonwealth Games for her favourite race she refused to comment to the media and I thought this completely against her character. The she delivered in the final and won. I’m impressed.

So has it been immaturity that has let her get caught up in the whirl wind of dramas? Has she made the decision to step out of the mire and just do what makes life vibrant for her? I hope so. I hope we only hear of Jana being the best she can be – on and off the track.

Another achievement with the final is Malaysia’s Noraseela Mohd Khalid being the first Malaysia woman to make a Commonwealth track final!  It’s always a good time to celebrate a first for women. 🙂

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