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Fundraising Jewellery Party

Fun Fundraising with Jewellery Party

Having a jewellery party is a really fun way to raise funds for your club by raffling necklace and earrings sets – all too easy and fun!

Having a jewellery party is a fun and easy way to raise funds for your club or team.

Use our generous jewellery party hostess gift voucher to get jewellery sets and earring holders for raffle prizes.

We’re set up to make it easy for you and your fund raising organiser.

Sets of Jewellery to Raffle Off When it Suits You!

Fundraise by raffling jewellery prize packs!For having the party we give you 3 sets of jewellery to raffle off when and how it suits you. This lets you make the most of the jewellery for making money for your group.

The jewellery sets can be used at Presentation nights, Silent Auctions, Christmas Parties, major fundraising events – when it suits you to get the best results. They can even be used as Thank You presents for those dedicated, hard workers that make such a difference for your group.

The purpose of the jewellery sets is to make a positive difference for your group and to do good. It is your choice how best to do this.

If party sales are above average then we’ll give you more jewellery sets to be raffled off.

Raise Money with a Lucky Door Prize at the Party

Raise money directly at the party by having a Lucky Door prize offer!

We’ll give you the Lucky Door prize so you can raise money directly at the party.

Having a fundraising jewellery party is lots of fun, raises money for your group and is a great way to catch up with the girls.

What’s Involved in Having a Fundraising Jewellery Party?

We believe in keeping life simple so having a jewellery party to raise funds for your club couldn’t be easier.

All the needs doing is:

  • setting a date
  • having us do the invitations for you and any posters you might want – we can send them for you – too easy!
  • having the gathering and running the fundraising raffle
  • winners joyfully receive their earrings and necklace and the club gets fundraising dollars

What do We Bring to a Jewellery Party?

We bring lots of beautiful jewellery, including necklaces, earrings, Genuine Pearls, Limited Edition designs, Long Wrap Around Lariat Necklaces, Jewellery sets, earring stands, Catherine Popesco pieces, bracelets and of course our friendly selves. 🙂

How to Book Your Party

Booking a party is easy – just fill in the form below or email us with your details and we’ll set up a time with you and do the rest.

Tell Me More About Having a Jewellery Party

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