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Keeping Visitors at Your Website

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One of the keys to having a successful website is how easy visitors find it to use. If it is difficult to use or is annoying then they leave very quickly.

The home page needs to tell people the what, where, when, why, how, who of the site so they can make the decision of exploring further. Splash pages – ones that have a picture and enter button simply tick visitors and search engines off and they leave.

Adding music and continuously moving pictures always irrates visitors and encourages them to leave. Saying people can simply turn down the volumn on their computer means you expect them to doing something to their own machine because they are already so enamoured of your site – well most people just leave and don’t come back.

What makes a site easy to use is the navigation and the layout. The information needs to be easy to access, the pictures can move but have a limited number of rotations so they stop after a few seconds, have the purpose of the site clear – do you want to limit your audience with the technology they need installed to access your site or do you want a broad audience, a broad customer base?

Jakob Neilsen’s site has great info about website usability – how to make a website easy to use.

For more articles on creating a website for your business check out Small Business Being Online and the free articles.

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