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Kiwi Lion Man

Hey there,

This week I’ve discovered the New Zealand Lion Man, Craig Busch, of Zion Wildlife in north NZ.  I was captivated from the first show and am getting an idea why the Kiwis have taken him so much to heart.

I think Craig Busch is New Zealand’s version of the Australian Steve Irwin and the two would have gotten on like best mates. Sharing a passion for wildlife conservation and a mutual bond with animals the two men both obviously represent their country extremely well.

So here are some links about this charming man and his big cats:

Zion Wildlife Gardens – the Lion Man’s big cat sanctuary – a must visit – both online and in real life

The Lion Man Tours with the Barbary Lion and Royal White Tiger (both extinct in the wild) and the endangered White Lion.

Local Area Tourism Info – going to visit the Lion Man? Here’s tourism info for you about Whangarei.

Zoos and Wildlife in NZ – a site about tourism in New Zealand and has lots of great info!

The Lion Man airs on ABC TV Thursday evenings 6.04pm. - just find your favourite tv shows in this list and visit their websites.

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