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Launching the AIRTT Workshops Calendar

I’m thrilled to be announcing the launch of the Artist in Residence Trail Tasmania Workshops, starting off in Deloraine, Tasmania at the wonderful Art as Mania.

Very fortunately for me I have found a willing collaborator in Laura Window of Art as Mania who says ‘yes Belle, that’s a great idea’ when I call her up saying ‘let’s do this Laura!’.  We are both finding it fun to work with another small creative business owner who wants to make things happen. And happen they are!

Kicking off in June is the first in a series of arts and crafts workshops that I’m sure you’ll find loads of inspiration and learn new skills. The wonderful thing about workshops is you never know just where they’ll lead you to, it could be a new found joy, new friends and always a creative adventure.

The workshop calendar will keep growing, so be sure to check it out. My goal for the workshops is to have to have them happening all over the state, across a range of arts and crafts, sharing the joy of learning and connecting. I want artists, makers, artisans and crafters able to enhance their income by giving successful workshops so we can all flourish together.

Announcing AIRTT Workshops in the Newsletter

As AIRTT is having a very grass roots beginning (I don’t have funding for this idea of mine but I am really enjoying the fellow small creative business folk I’m collaborating with!) so the initial newsletter will be via the Creatively Belle newsletter. Updates about the workshops will be announced via the Creatively Belle email newsletter, simply because you have to start somewhere!

I’ll also make announcements about the workshops through the Creatively Belle Make Every Day Creative Blog and the Artist in Residence Trail Tasmania Facebook page.

I’ve made some initial efforts with the AIRTT Instagram page but decided to get the workshops, exhibition and artist in residence program moving first. Artist in residency program you say? Guess where it’s starting? Yes, you got it, at Laura’s generous space at Art as Mania in Deloraine. More on that soon.

Workshop Call Out

Now that Laura and I have gone through the process of organising the initial workshops I’m ready to see who else would like to run workshops in their spaces or in Laura’s at Deloraine.

The best means of contact is via email at artistinresidencetrailtasmania (just remove the space, it’s only there to stop the email harvesting bots). Facebook messages don’t show properly on my old phone but emails are easy.

Artist in Residence Trail Tasmania Workshop Call out!

If you would like to run a workshop with us do please send through your workshop outline document and we’ll take it from there, it’s that simple!

The 2021 Artist in Residence Trail Tasmania Exhibition

Want to know more about the Artist in Residence Trail Tasmania Exhibition?

Entries are Open for the Artist in Residence Trail Tasmania (AIRTT) Exhibition 2021

Just click here for entry details and the form.

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