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Learing About Business Planning and Strategising Part 1

Hey there,

For many of us the terms Business Planning and Business Strategising are part of the world of the corporations and beyond the realms of small business.

But it is through strategising and planning that the corporations get the advantage over their competitors and the same is true for any sized business – small, medium or large (even the microsmall businesses!).

Business strategising is essentially the vision for the business – what is the big picture for the busiess – where will it be in 12 months, 2, 3, 4,5 years? What features do you want for your business? What reputation, what presentation, what achievements. For example a website is a vision for a business – it is part of the business strategy.

Business planning is how to get to the vision – how do you plan to make the envisioned website into a reality? Planning is how you get to where you want to be. With a plan you can achieve your dreams. Without a plan you’ll be lucky to make any real progress at all.

Business strategising and planning may sound hard but they are usually only challenging because they require you to get what’s in your head out so it can be communicated and explored. So let go of any thoughts of being spooked by it – let them go, they aren’t doing you any good so just plow on and do what you need to do.

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Remember, with a plan you can achieve anything you decide on! Without a plan you’re going nowhere interesting. The destination is the vision, is the strategy.

To work through the planning there’s a part 2 to this topic so stay tuned.  🙂



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