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Lisa Marie and Priscilla Presley Wacky?

Hey there,

I was flicking through the tabloid magazines while in the grocery check out line and there’s a story about Lisa Marie Presley is “wacky” because she chose a traditional Japanese service for her wedding and didn’t invite the tabloid press to it.

Now I wonder why they are calling is “wacky”? I fear I’m being cynical thinking it has more to do with Lisa Marie’s exclusion of the media from her private life than anything else.

So why would we choose to financially support those who find satisfaction in life by being small and limiting to others by writing nasty things? Why not choose to give our money for magazines that celebrate achievement, personal growth, emotional intelligence, talent and love? And bring these constructive and empowering things into our own lives.

Ok, so such magazines are not tabloids full of paparazzi photos but they’re blurred and crap pictures so you wouldn’t be missing out on anything anyway.  🙂

So let’s hope this woman who’s spent her life in the public view lives a long and happy life with her husband and the small hearted and minded people learn to live life more fully.

Remember to celebrate life with kindness and open hearts!

Smiles and cheers


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