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Listening to Feedback

Hey there,

At market yesterday I had really good feedback given to me about my newsletter. It was constructive and given with care to improving a service that is enjoyed.

I’ve already taken on board the feedback and thinking through ways I can implement it in the next newsletter and have it as a regular feature of future newsletters.

It is the feedback from customers and suppliers about a business and its services that can bring success and strength to the business.

It is your choice how you hear feedback – constructive and useful or negative complaints. I think if someone is complaining about your business it is an opportunity to listen, resolve a problem and improve the business. I’m thankful that a customer has taken the time to tell me her idea about the newsletter, that I started the conversation going and had the opportunity to listen to her.

Goodluck Lady Bird Earrings and Necklace set!


Belinda – free newsletter online!

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