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Little Known Ways to Link Build

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We all love having good traffic and being able to attract good site traffic is a constant effort. Encouraging links to the site has the double benefit of being liked by search engines as well as directly bringing traffic.

Link baiting is becoming a more and more popular method where you have something on your site that attracts others to link to you such as ebooks, reports, email newsletters, calculators, quizes and more.

Having a quiz can be a fun way to bring your new customers to your site but coming up with ideas for your quiz can be challenging so I thought I’d help you out with 40 key word searches on based on “quiz” from the last month. From this list you can start getting ideas on what’s of interest and what words are being used to search, making the first step of creating your own link bait quiz easy. 

Here are some of the top searches on “quiz” to get the creative juices going for you:

  • personality quiz
  • fun online quiz
  • love quiz
  • fun quiz
  • fun quiz and test
  • fun love quiz
  • christmas quiz
  • quiz your friends
  • test your net iq quiz i
  • test your net iq quiz ii
  • quiz my friends
  • weight loss quiz
  • free choosing a college quiz
  • saved by the bell quiz
  • free quiz
  • pub quiz
  • my quiz
  • self esteem quiz
  • geography quiz
  • 50 states quiz  
  • fun personality quiz
  • make a quiz
  • kissing quiz
  • career quiz
  • create a quiz
  • trivia quiz
  • relationship quiz
  • online quiz
  • quiz questions
  • cool quiz
  • pop quiz
  • myspace quiz
  • bible quiz
  • quiz online
  • make your own quiz
  • music quiz
  • quiz games
  • movie quiz
  • friends quiz
  • popular quiz 

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