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Looking after Money

I started my Christmas shopping this week, it wasn’t planned it was much more about opportunity. I do like to get my Christmas gift shopping started early because it spreads the cost of the season over months rather than trying to jam it into just a few weeks and this way it doesn’t hurt, I can actually afford to get the presents I want to get rather than being limited by what I can afford in just those few weeks.

It started this week simply because the gift I was going to buy as a present was on sale so I just grabbed it and am now feeling rather pleased with myself.

With my business I tend to run out of time in November and December and having time to get shopping done in over full shops simply frustrates me. By getting a head start on it I get to look after my money and my sensibilities!

I’ve also learned to write down in my diary what I got who and where I’ve put it so I can easily get sorted with it when I’m over-tired and needing to get ready quickly in the days before Christmas. I started doing this after I forgot one year that I’d already bought presents for particular people and bought more, only to find the original presents in January! So now I just help myself by writing down what I’ve done. It is much easier and cheaper. 🙂

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