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Lots of New Earrings!

I’m really enjoying the cooler evenings and getting to make more earrings for market.

The Rocks Markets have been great for sales but the flip side is I keep being short on stock. I catch up with pearl necklaces one week, the next week I’m out of charm bracelets and drop earrings. I make more bracelets and earrings, I sell out of jewellery rolls. It’s great having this side of success but it is also great having cooler evenings so it’s more comfortable making designs.

I tend to work at the computer during the day, go out on errands, have lunch with friends, go shopping, you know, the usual things during the day! So the evenings I’m at home I’ll settle down with a movie or the tv and make my earrings, necklaces, bracelets etc.

This week I’ve been good, stayed home and made heaps of earrings. I’m feeling very proud of myself for being so diligent. I’m really hoping I’ll get to market on the weekend and find that I’ve remembered all the different types of earrings I had to make – usually I find I’ve missed something after all, even though I write myself notes at market in the first place! Hopefully this just means I’m human after all.

So next week will probably be necklaces, and the story continues.

See some of my earrings online in the gallery.


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