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Love Winter Sun

Sydney really can turn it on in winter with stunningly beautiful sunny days like today at market.

After a couple drab late autumn weeks it was delightful to get a big dose of sunshine, it just makes you feel better, it must be all those vitamins.

I’ll admit to finding summer a little too long in Sydney, being out in it both Saturday and Sunday at market, even when it’s 42 degrees like it was twice this year, just gets too much. You end up longing for some of those beautiful cooler days where it’s comfortable to have the sun on your back rather than scorching.

Now it’s much more comfortable to make stock in the evenings, get heaps of sleep in the cooler nights and enjoy the warm winter sunshine.

Sydney certainly does get a hot summer but not much of a cold winter. We might get a couple of weeks of mid-teens temperatures but that’s about it. Nothing too miserable for too long.

Thinking about it, the only thing that I’m missing is swimming in a beach pool at Coogee. Instead I can swim at the gym’s pool.

Lots of colours at market – come for an explore at The Rocks Markets each Saturday and Sunday.


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