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Loving Colour – Travels Through the Paintbox

Something my arts and crafts has given me is a love for Colour – all sorts of colors. So as a birthday present I was given the Victoria Finlay book “Colour” and I’m loving it.

I’m only into the first 20 pages and there’s already stories about how the putting of paint into tubes was a technical achievement that resulted in the Impressionist painters having the freedom to paint their impressions of nature in nature.

It got me thinking of how something that we take as being so very simple and everyday was once so revolutionary for the art and then crafts that is created a whole new way of perceiving not only landscapes but color, shaped, design and even social structures. I think that’s amazing!
I only new about “Colour” because I’d read and loved “Jewels, A Secret History” – a book about gem stones that I really recommend too.

Do enjoy and dive into colour!

All the best,

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