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Making a Living from Arts and Crafts

Hey there,

Over the last year or so I’ve had some interesting conversations and observed discussions about money,  and the ethics of making money from arts and crafts.

I’m finding confusion within myself about this. I think mainly because I am someone who is making my living by doing something I love, from an arts and craft business. I also love sharing the business skills that are giving me the freedom to live this life style I’m so deeply enjoying.

Personally I feel very blessed that I can make my living doing something that I love, something that is creative and stimulating. So many of us have to earn our living from jobs that aren’t stimulating, that we don’t love and aren’t satisfying (I did for many years).

So why do we sometimes think making money from art and craft steels the purity from the love of art and craft? Personally I don’t see the link. But I don’t think money is bad. I know from experience not having money makes life hard, that having enough money to live lets me feel secure enough to be creative, to design and to flourish.

I love being part of the creative community, being able to bring beauty into people’s daily lives, being able to share experiences and skills with others so they can do the same and escape the rat race and most of all being happy and healthy. All of this is happening because I make money from my arts and crafts.

So celebrate creativity and making a living from it! Remember money is just plastic and metal, it is what we humans choose to do with it is good or bad.



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