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Making A Success Of Your Passions

Working from a home office means that sometimes I watch day time tv while having lunch. This week I saw a Dr Phil episode about mum’s having their own businesses.

I found it interesting a few levels, the main one being the reality check that’s needed when you’re starting off something new.

They showcased successful businesses run by mum’s (or mom’s) followed by showing a hands on market testing activity of a new business idea – a nail polish bottle holder.

The market testing showed two women go out to the shops and showing the product and asking different women of a wide range of ages what they thought of it and whether they would buy it and at what price.

This resulted in really useful information that should shape the product design, name and price.

Ask people their opinions and they will tell you (most will at least and there’s no harm in a no answer). Your customers will tell you what they want and how they want it. They will also tell you what they don’t want and why.

I love asking my customers what they like and don’t like, for their ideas and opinions because it opens up the world. Without my customers I don’t have a business. Without knowing what my customers like I can’t bring them what they want.

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