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Making Money from Writing and Blogging

Hey there,

I’ve recently joined a blogging forum and one of the members I came across earns income from writing content for other people’s business blogs.

For those of us who love blogging and writing this is a great way to combine both and earn money from it.

Business blogs always need content and often need help in making it happen. So a way to bring all together is to scout round for the blogs you think you can write for, develop some content examples or range and approach the business blogs on your short list to sell your material.

It can range from writing entries periodically or on a regular basis – an entry a day or 3 per week. It can also develop into blog maintenance and development.

If you get a collection of blogs to work on then you can create more income from it. The lady I saw doing it had 2 income generating business blogs, one creational blog and also management development and content for others and she’s loving the lifestyle!

This is really something that you can build up progressively even when working full time or part time, raising a family, growing another business and/or studying.

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