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Making Space In Your Life

I wrapped up last year by working with a business/life coach and I’m really feeling the results of that effort today.

To get this year going I did a big clean out. My spare room/work room/store room was getting down to only having one little narrow goat’s track through it.

I was getting frustrated with trying to find things and to get things sorted. It had all built up and was getting me down.

So I decided that the old winged armchair that I’d bought at St Vinnies, with all the right intensions of recovering, could make way for a bookcase to store the jewellery display stand stock on (rather than on the spare bed that gets used every school holidays and the stock gets moved into my room – the joys of running a business from home!).

The idea of putting the chair in storage got me looking round the room for what else could go. It ended up being about 15 boxes of treasures that aren’t needed right now.

Countless loads went out to the recycling bin – who knew I collected magazines for YEARS? (We won’t ask any friends or family that question.)

The upshot is I have space in the space room – even with the Expo, Markets and Jewellery Party stock kits in there.

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