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Making the most of Expos and Trade Shows

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Talking with exhibitors at the local craft fair this weekend I was amazed at how few have websites and their perceptions of what’s involved in having a website.

Most didn’t have a site and most seemed to think that they couldn’t have one because their stock changed so much and so often that they couldn’t keep up with the images online. I can understand this concern because I’ve faced it with my work too.

The answer is that you don’t have to put all your work online. You can start with phase 1 having information like:

  • calendar of shows for the year so customers know where to find you
  • contact details so customers can easily contact you
  • online email newsletter subscription so customers can give you their details so you can remind them about upcoming shows (newsletters can be monthly or just once a year, but building the database list of interested customers is vital for business growth and success)
  • product range so customers know what you’ll have at the show
  • some images of your goods so customers can see what you have to start to get ideas

For phase 2 of the business site development you can make a start with online shopping using PayPal or the equivalent:

  • a small selection of regular stock items that are your basic bread and butter selling items – these are the ones that you have available regularly and don’t change very often as people need them
  • make available patterns and instructions – some free and some for sale
  • a manageable range of kits that are easy to put together and ship – this range can include regular ones and/or kits that you change once a year – nothing too high maintenance, just an easy quick way to start and build an online income
  • regular email newsletters for your customers so they know where you are, what you’re doing, what they can buy from you and remember you

A website can back up and support a traditional mail order business, it doesn’t have to replace it. A website grows over the years and develops into a great resource for your business. Think of it in terms of building in phases that you can manage.

For more info about having a success website for your small business click here.

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