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Market Gossip!

Ok, I know, I don’t normally indulge in publicly sharing a dose of market gossip but I can’t help myself with this one on star spotting as it’s got me thinking – what’s coming up?
Gayle King at the Rocks MarketsAt the The Rocks Markets we’re always seeing stars and celebrities and there’s always talk of who bought what from whom but I had my eyes and ears straining as I realised sitting having breakfast across from me at the Playfair cafe was Nate Berkus – the home make over guy from Oprah!
And he’s sitting there with a crew and being discretely filmed with a compact camera.
I was busted checking it all out but I did also hear enough tidbits to be thinking that our friend Oprah might just be looking at doing something else to promote our fair land and my wonderful market too boot!

Also seen at The Rocks markets last weekend – Joe Cocker and Billy Connelly! It’s the place to be seen girls!

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