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Marketing Plans and Making them Successful

The key to any marketing campaign and building a strong business image is to consistently communicate the same message to your audience. In Geoff Grist’s book, “500 Award-Winning Small Business Secrets” (Simon & Schuster, 2001) he says “customers seek consistency. Ensure your staff have the resources to understand how you expect them to deliver you message.”

The easiest way to achieve consistency is with a series of systems. Systems let you work smarter rather than harder.

When communicating a core message to customers and a broader audience the first thing to do is defining what exactly you want that message to be. When defining your core message American business strategist Brian Tracey recommends in his regular e-newsletters asking:

1. What should my brand be? What words or descriptions would I like to own in my customer’s mind?

2. How do I want your customers to talk about my business? What words do I want them to use?

3. What does my business do extremely well?

From the answers to each of these questions you’ll be able to draw out what message you want to communicate to your audience.

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The second activity is to pull it all together into a central repository so all involved in the business has access to it. This is where the Customer Service Manual is developed.


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