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Meet the New NSW Small Business Commissioner

One of the experiences that is proving to be really enjoyable at The Rocks Pop Up Project is hosting interesting evenings all about sharing information and bringing people together.

I keep having ideas like “wouldn’t it be great if…” and when they come together I’m completely delighted.

When I heard the new NSW Small Business Commissioner, Yasmin King, interviewed on 702 radio I decided that I wanted to meet this interesting lady and have her come along to one of my small business seminars at the Pop Up.

Meet Yasmin King, the NSW Small Business Commissioner

So I sent off an invitation, followed up and it’s now confirmed that Commissioner King is coming along to the Angela Vithoulkas Social Media for Small Business seminar on Friday 16th September.

Also coming along to this particularly interesting seminar is Gladys Berejiklian, the NSW Transport Minister so it will be a great opportunity to bring people together to not only learn but also to meet other interesting people making things happen.

Commissioner King was appointed by the NSW Government as part the NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell promise to provide additional support to the small business sector.

Ms King is a former ACCC associate commissioner and has a background in economics and finance as well as run her own consultancy and a family business.

Ms King reports to the Small Business Minister on market and government issues that impact small business. Importantly the role will also liaise between small business owners and the government.

These social media for small business seminars are being held in an intimate environment that is ideal for conversations and learning, especially with government and industry representatives freely available.

And all of this has come about simply because I asked! Love it!

Want to know more about the Social Media Seminars?

I have more details about the events and tickets are available online.

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