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More Changes Coming to Creatively Belle

You may have noticed over recent weeks there have been some changes making their way through here on Creatively Belle since we’ve been through lock down.

Mostly, the changes have been behind the scenes as such with tweaks to the SEO and what feels like time consuming little things that simply didn’t get done when life was at too fast a pace.

The most recent changes made just now have come about with the categories changing in the shop, I’ve been refining away and I hope you like them. This is in preparation for a whole new category, a new product line as such featuring my art work and designs, more on this in some upcoming posts.

The home page will be changing soon, I’ve so many different ideas about it that I keep being stuck. I have a very limited budget for making any changes, mainly because the last few months has seen such a loss of income with markets being cancelled but fortunately some small wholesale orders are starting to trickle in. All of this has shown me the power of money moving around the economy. I always knew it was important but it has been really hammered home this year.

Australian Made Koala Bookmark and Magnet Gift

Cuddly Koala bookmark and magnet gift

I’d love any ideas or suggestions about what you’d like to see with the website. Sadly it’s never been my strength, I’m not one of those media girls who finds enjoyment from putting everything online. I find a lot of inspiration and satisfaction from making, painting and doing.

Suffice to say, I’ve been painting too and some of these works will be making their way onto my greeting cards in the coming weeks.

Last month was busy making stock and feels great to have more magnets made so they’re on hand ready for orders. I introduced the magnet ranges only in the last few months and I’ve felt like I’ve chased my tail trying to keep up with making them. I make the porcelain and magnets and my stationery and bookmarks are all printed in Australia.

I’m also preparing for my first art exhibition and can easily go down that rabbit hole for many hours. In the coming weeks there’ll be more information about that too.

I found the sudden changes caused by the bushfires and corona virus lockdown very challenging, I really struggled with the loss of income and all that flowed from that. My family has come to the rescue thankfully, giving me a safe place to land. To help with my headspace and layers of anxiety I have taken to walking and paddling regularly. My previous life style, just trying to do enough to keep up with house and retail rents etc, meant that these activities were relegated to a couple weeks a year when I took a week off for holidays and over Christmas with family. I’m now a convert to having a better balance in life.

Belinda Stinson of Creatively Belle

Finding peace of mind

This has me looking at the website with views of it helping towards this improved balance. I started with it being in desperate need of a series of behind the scene changes and it’s evolving into something interesting (who really finds doing SEO tags interesting at all? Really?).

To be frank, I don’t really know where this will all take me. I’m determined for it to be somewhere interesting and prosperous. I’ll be keeping some layers of life pre-2020 and I’ll be letting go of layers that weren’t delivering on what they were meant to. I’m sure there are many of us around the world who are feeling the same.

I do keep being very thankful that I’m in such a safe place. From here I’m able to put in place the projects that naturally take about six months to grow from idea to test to live to figuring out if they really can work.

So I hope you like the changes that you’ll be able to see happening here and you too are feeling safe and loved.


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