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Most Important Christmas Presents This Year

Brown drop earrings at Creatively Belle at the Rocks MarketsFor me the most important Christmas presents I get each year are the community giving presents like the Smith Family Christmas Wishing Tree at Kmart.

I started doing this years ago and found it really challenging not knowing how the carefully selected presents were received – whether I got it right or not for a complete stranger that I was making big old guesses about.

It was a very important lesson in the true meaning of giving – for the sake of giving with no expectation of any kind of reward, whether that be the reward of knowing you got the right presents or of thanks (or anything else for that matter).

These have been really important lessons in letting go and just giving with an open heart.

I love this process so much that now it’s my favourite present shopping of all and where I spend the most money because really, we are very blessed in this family and we have plenty.

I’m writing about this to help share the message of the joy of real giving this Christmas. I know we all do something in our own way and it all makes such a difference.

So when you’re braving the over-crowded shopping centres stop by Kmart and pick up a Wishing Tree card and get a present for someone else who’s having a tough Christmas this year and help spread the joy of Christmas!

Click here for all the details about the Smith Family Wishing Tree!

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